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Biophilia Botanicals

Biophilia: “An innate love of life and living systems.” ~ Edward O. Wilson ~

Our mission is to share the sense of empowerment gained through self-education and community experiences linked to the extraordinary gifts that nature offers us. Our purpose is to share an “art de vivre” (art of living), where, through the power of your personal choices and education, you become aware that you are the masterpiece of your own conception.

With this principle at the forefront of our aims, all our products, services and seminars are designed in accordance with respect for our body and the environment, reminding each of us that nature loves us in the most abundant, generous & unconditional way.

All our formulas are:

  • Non-toxic (no use of chemicals or synthetic fragrances)
  • Eco-conscious (all ingredients are biodegradable and safe for the ecosystem)
  • No fillers, no extenders, no parabens Formulated with sustainably farmed and harvested botanicals
  • Formulated with ecocert-compliant preservative and emulsifying systems
  • Non-tested on Animals
  • Packed in 95% recyclable glass

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