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SFM Newsletter May 15th

It’s the middle of May.. how is it possible that we had freezing temperatures this week?  I urge you to stand in support of our local farmers.  This year has been a doozy with so many variables at play.  We tend to think that farmers will figure it out and be ok.  They are incredibly resourceful but, they need our support.  Thank you for making the commitment to be a part of this farmers market community and to support our local sustainable small farmers.


On stage this week, local favorite, Bob Culbertson will be playing world beat music with instruments from around the globe.


Radical Family Farm will be joining us for the rest of this month until Orchard comes back to the market in June.  Look for The Patch and Twin Peaks coming back May 29th!  And..stepping in for Dominique another week, Zweibel Bakery will be at the market with tasty treats.


Look for new local craft vendors .. Wolfmoon with locally made and sourced tallow soaps and LivV pottery joining your favorite craft vendors this Sunday!! Check it out!!


Bring your favorite kitchen and gardening tools this Sunday.  Edgeworks will be back streetside.. Now at the market each and every Sunday for all of your sharpening needs.


Welcome CalFresh Customers.  It’s May Market Match Month and in celebration, we will be doubling up to $20.  $20 gets you $40.  Thank you for your continued support of local farmers and your local farmers market!!


It’s that time of the year.. Find plenty of amazing veggie, herb and edible flowers and lots of advice.. Master Gardeners are back at the farmers market!


Presenting the most beautiful veggie rainbow ever made up of asparagus, spring garlic, spinach,  arugula, lettuces, microgreens, tot soi, bok choy, mustard greens, kales, collards, swiss chard, napa and other cabbages, salad radishes, turnips, carrots, beets,  leeks, potatoes, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, broccolis, cauliflowers, red onions, winter squashes,  herbs and so much more… hot house tomatoes and cucumbers now available from Winters, California.


New this week.. apricots are here and local mulberries too!!  Make sure to get your citrus!! tangerines, mandarins, grapefruits, navel and cara cara oranges, blood oranges, lemons and limes while they last.  Sweet cherry and local organic strawberries season is upon us.  Look for more stone fruits arriving soon.


Enjoy farmer inspired products like organic nut butters, almonds and walnuts.  You will also find meats, eggs, cheeses, olive oil, wines, vinegar, dried fruits, olives, honey, herbal teas, jams, hot sauces and pesto, breads, pastries and other homemade treats are just some of what you will find at the market.


We are getting closer to our goal but we still need your support to keep our market strong and our community programs thriving.  Please consider donating.  Special thanks for the donations that keep coming in through the market’s GoFundMe campaign.


Please be sensitive to community members who are taking extra precautions.  Please give them space.  We want everyone to feel safe and loved at our market.


From all of us at the market a special thank you to you our favorite customers!!




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