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SFM Newsletter January 30th

Valentine’s may be a couple of weeks away but, it’s never too early to shop for your sweetie.  Nothing says ‘I love you!’ like a basket of fruits and veggies :)  Especially if it comes with a promise to turn that basket into the most amazing dinner ever imagined!  Prepare to be inspired!  We’ve got everything you need to make every meal a delicious adventure.


On stage this Sunday, please welcome the Dylan Juhan Jazz Band!! For Sunday chillin..


There’s always something new at the market.  Missing a favorite vendor?  Make sure to explore the entire market.. you never know what you might find.. expand your horizons with old and new favorites.  Back this week.. Olivino and Terra Savia will have organic olive oils and wines..

Mi Fiesta returns with homemade tamales, tortillas and salsas and for the vegan community.. Dominique will have vegan croissants baked especially for you!! :)


Don’t forget to bring your favorite kitchen and gardening tools.. Edgworks is back for all of your sharpening needs.


Dear CalFresh Customers!  We continue to offer a match of up to $15 to spend on local fruits and vegetables!! $15 will get you $30. Thank you for your dedication and support of local farmers!!


Got a little spring fever?  It’s never too late or too early to start a garden.  There are plenty of  veggie and herb starts and lots of advice available for your winter gardening.


Be prepared to be amazed!  Check out the incredible veggie section at the market, eat well and get healthy .. lettuces, microgreens, spinach, tot soi, bok choy, mustard greens, kales, collards, swiss chard, napa and other cabbages, salad radishes, turnips, carrots, beets,  leeks, potatoes, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, broccolis, cauliflowers, red onions, garlic, winter squashes,  herbs and so much more… Have you ever tried a nettle pesto? So delicious and incredibly good for you!!

Put nettles, walnuts, garlic, juice of one lemon and olive oil in a blender.. and in minutes..pesto!!


Citrus Season is upon us with a beautiful array of tangerines, mandarins, grapefruits, oro blanco, navel and cara cara oranges, blood oranges, lemons and limes.


Enjoy farmer inspired products like organic nut butters, almonds and walnuts.  You will also find meats, cheeses, olive oil, wines, vinegar, dried fruits, olives, honey, herbal teas, jams, hot sauces and pesto, breads, pastries and other homemade treats are just some of what you will find at the market.  A New Crop of organic almonds and walnuts are here!!


We really appreciate your continued support as we continue to work hard to keep our market strong and our community programs going.  Please consider donating.  Special thanks for the donations that keep coming in through the market’s GoFundMe campaign.


Please be sensitive to community members who are taking extra precautions.  If you’re not wearing a mask, please give them space.  We want everyone to feel safe and loved at our market.


Cheers to you for being a part of your local food movement!

We couldn’t do this without you.




Sebastopol Farmers Market

Sundays 10a-1:30p


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