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SFM Newsletter November 14th

I hope you all have been enjoying the incredible weather of this past week with rain fall and now sunshine and 70? :)  Come out and join us at the Sebastopol Farmers Market this Sunday as we bring you the best of what Sonoma County has to offer. There’s nothing like farm fresh local products!  #shoplocalshopoften!


With Veterans Day this past Thursday, please take time out to thank a Veteran.


Here to help you get your boogie on this week, JoyRide will take the stage.  Next up, Bourbon Street Brass Band on the 21st!


We welcome all of our CalFresh Customers with a match of up to $15 to spend on local fruits and vegetables!!  Amazing!!.. $15 will get you $30. Also, make sure to fill out a raffle ticket when you are at the info booth for the Heritage Turkey Dinner give away!  The winner will be announced at the end of the market this coming Sunday!! We really appreciate your dedication and support of local farmers and local economies!


At the market this week Bodega Pastures will be back representing the local Fiber Shed.  Also look for Twin Peaks and Earthworker!


Yes!  There are still plant starts and succulents available for consideration as you transition to a winter garden.


Get ready for holiday season feasting with lots of your favorite locally produced vegetables including late harvest sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes not to mention.. lettuces, microgreens, spinach, tot soi, bok choy, mustard greens, kales, collards, swiss chard, napa and other cabbages, salad radishes, turnips, carrots, beets,  leeks, potatoes, mushrooms, broccolis, cauliflowers, green beans, fava beans, red onions, garlic, winter squashes, eggplants, herbs and so much more…


Twin Peaks is back with their famous organic tangerines, lemons and the most amazing persimmons.  There’s still some time to enjoy grapes, figs, pears and apples as citrus season begins!  And,’s Date week!!


Look for farmer inspired products like organic nut butters, almonds and walnuts.  You will also find meats, cheeses, olive oil, wines, vinegar, dried fruits, olives, honey, herbal teas, jams, hot sauces and pesto, breads, pastries and other homemade treats are just some of what you will find at the market.  The New Crop of Organic Walnuts is just arriving!!


We really appreciate your continued support. We continue to work hard to keep our market strong and our community programs going.  Please consider donating.  Special thanks for the donations that keep coming in through the market’s GoFundMe campaign.


With mask recommendations still in place, please be sensitive to those in our community who are taking extra precautions.  If you don’t have a mask, please give them space.


We are forever thankful for the many blessings and support of this community.

See you this and every Sunday!!



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