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SFM Newsletter June 6th

Well, hard to believe, it’s June and summer solstice is just weeks away.  Cheers to all of you 2021 graduates.. Here’s to all things possible and food!!  Celebrate with amazing farm fresh fruits and vegetables and treat yourself to Sunday brunch created by farmer inspired local chefs.


Don’t forget the plant starts for your latest garden project..


Even though we are in the Orange tier .. mask and social distancing rules remain the same. We operate under the same guidelines as grocery stores. Please do your part and wear a mask for just a few more weeks.


Returning to the market this week.. please welcome Peach Jamboree with organic peaches and sweet cherries and The Patch.  Stay tuned..Twin Peaks is hoping to be back soon!!!


For all of you pastry lovers.. Dominique is back this Sunday with lots of yummy treats! Delicious pies and for the vegans out there.. she is making vegan croissants just for you!


Bring your favorite kitchen and gardening tools Edgeworks is streetside this Sunday.


Get ready for a rainbow of spring vegetables including lettuces, microgreens, spinach, tot soi, bok choy, mustard greens, kales, collards, swiss chard, napa and other cabbages, sunchokes, purple daikon radish, salad radishes, turnips, carrots, beets,  leeks, potatoes, mushrooms, broccolis, cauliflowers, herbs, asparagus, sugar snap peas, red onions, green garlic, summer squashes, hot house tomatoes and cucumbers, herbs and so much more.


Yes!! Did someone say organic peaches, sweet cherries and strawberries?  All at the market this Sunday.. Mulberries and citrus too.


Don’t forget the Flowers!!


Look for farmer inspired products like organic nut butters, almonds and walnuts.  You will also find meats, cheeses, olive oil, wines, vinegar, dried fruits, olives, honey, herbal teas, jams, hot sauces and pesto, breads, pastries and other homemade treats are just some of what you will find at the market.


We really appreciate your continued support.. we are working hard to keep our market strong and our community programs going.  Please consider donating.  Special thanks for the donations that keep coming in through the market’s GoFundMe campaign.


We love you, Sebastopol. Please wear your masks and socially distance at all times.  All food and drink is to go.  There is no eating or drinking inside the market.  If you are sick, please stay home.  We’re almost there!!!


In deepest gratitude,



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