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SFM Newsletter December 22nd


Happy, Merry, ho, ho, ho!!!  Please join us at the market this Sunday as we continue our Winter Solstice holiday market celebration.  Rain or shine, we are dedicated to bringing you, the Sebastopol Farmers’ Market Community, an amazing array of fresh local produce, farmer inspired products and crafts to amaze and delight even the biggest ho hummer.  So, come on out and join us for this most incredible opportunity to participate in community, gather with friends old and new and shake those rainy day blues away!!!  We Love You All and Greatly Appreciate Your Bright Shiny Faces!  Cheers to You!!


A special thank you to the Sebastopol Ballet School and the incredibly talented kids who performed for the market last Sunday.  They charmed us with their magical performance.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Nutcracker Ballet this weekend!!


On stage this week, welcome back, Diego aka ‘the Whistler’ playing guitar and singing beautiful culturally inspired folk tunes to feed the soul.  As we navigate through a frantic holiday season, take the time to take a breath, relax and hang out for a moment or two.


Our local farmers have been working daily 24/7 to ensure you have the most amazing local nutrient dense vegetables around so, buy lots, eat your veggies and stay healthy.  Offerings include.. spinach, arugula, lettuces, tot soi, bok choy, mustard greens, collards, kales, Napa and savoy cabbages, broccoli, radishes, cauliflower, beets, carrots, rutabagas, potatoes, onions, shallots, garlic, burdock, sunchokes, herbs and more!!  Everything you need for holiday feasting or a crockpot stew!!!


Plus, there’s more!!  It’s Citrus season!!  Get your mandarin tangerines, pomelos, grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes.  Yes!  There are persimmons and pomegranates and some delicious apples and grapes.


Check out the farmer inspired prepared foods and products at the market including nuts and almond butter, eggs, meats, cheeses, olive oil, hot sauces, apple cider vinegar, jams, teas, pasta, breads and pastries.  Don’t forget to visit the craft section for that very unique something for that very special someone.


Edgeworks is back street-side for all of your kitchen and garden tool sharpening needs!!


Cheers to you and yours this Holiday Season!  In deepest gratitude for we are truly blessed.

Thank you for supporting the Sebastopol Farmers Market and for your participation in this Community!



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