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It rained last Sunday. Not normally an event that would cause me to rejoice!
Your farmers showed up at the market with lots of wet winter greens – plus eggs, lamb, pork and beef. Our sweets purveyors showed up as well. They know that we all need sweets in the cold weather! All of the vendors were amazed and heartened to see lots of customers arriving with their umbrellas. ‘What are they doing here? It’s pouring!’
I commented to one customer who had very long, very wet hair “How come you don’t have a hat on? Aren’t you cold?” She said “I am loving it. I wanted to be outside. I am so happy to be wet.”
Her comment led me to realize that I have been feeling so funky for the past month – the sun was shining – what’s wrong with me? Now I know why I felt maudlin and droopy. I NEEDED the rain. We all knew that the earth needed the rain. We didn’t know that we needed the rain just as much as the earth did. Maybe it will rain this Sunday and you will show up and love the rain with the rest of us? ”

Sebastopol Farmers Market Manager

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