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Alvin’s Massage


Bodega Pastures

Abigail Myers and Hazel Flett
Local fibers, local dyes, local labor. Assorted woolen items including spun yarns and roving produced by artisans,shepherdess, ranchers Abigail Myers & Hazel Flett and their flock of sheep.

Edgeworks Sharpening Service

Art Downing
On-Site & mobile sharpening services: kitchen knives & cutlery, scissors, including specialty hair dresser scissors, garden tools, almost any hand tool.

Hidden Forest Nursery aka Sonoma Horticultural

Mike Boss



La Vida Buena Nursery

Zeke Boland and Jody Donaldson

Small nursery from Sebastopol specializing in veggie starts, herbs, succulants and carnivorous plants.

Nature Spirits / Truth’s Dolls Garden

Marie and Chicory Almond
Waldorf-inspired dolls, seasonal plants.

Urban Prairie Girl / UPG Fabric Annex

Susie Blair
Handmade clothing for women and girls. Housewares including duvet covers, pillow cases, curtains, bedspreads and more. All handmade by Susie.

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