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July 29th Newsletter

  Greetings One and All! Please join us at the market this Sunday as we say goodbye to July. August is just around the corner. Discover the magic of the market. Introduce yourself to a new farmer or vendor. Search…

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 What is my favorite underground food these days?   You guessed it – the Bodega Red potato! A little local potato history – The Bodega Red had practically disappeared – until 5 lonely potatoes were donated to the director of…

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“Alleluia! It rained last Sunday. Not normally an event that would cause me to rejoice! Your farmers showed up at the market with lots of wet winter greens – plus eggs, lamb, pork and beef. Our sweets purveyors showed up…

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OCTOBER 30TH, 2013

10/30/2013 We are just getting started with this News & Events blog here on our website… While we are learning how to use this new website feature, please find the most current market updates and announcements on our Facebook page..

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