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SFM Newsletter January 12th, 2020

Hello Sebastopol Farmers’ Market Community! Rainy weather got you down? Come out to the market this Sunday and feed your soul with a radiant feast for the eyes with inspiration for a healthy 2020 and the opportunity to revel in community. It’s time to wake up after the holidaze and make the commitment to shop a rainbow of nutrient dense fruits and veggies brought to you weekly by your favorite local sustainable farmers.


Not quite there yet, pick up a tasty dish from one of our farmer inspired food vendors while you mull over the options. Shop your LOCAL Farmers’’s good for your health and the key to a thriving community.


On stage this week, please welcome, a special surprise guest!! Can’t wait!!

Veggie options this week include a variety of greens for salads and for braising with lettuces, spinach, arugula, pea shoots, mustards, kales, collards, chard, bak choi, tat soi, napa and savoy, red and green cabbages, radishes, onions, leeks, shallots, carrots, beets, rutabagas, potatoes, broccolis green or purple, cauliflowers in orange, purple and green, mushrooms, herbs and more!!


Don’t forget your winter garden starts!!

Citrus is in season with a variety of tangerines, blood and navel oranges, minelos, pomelos, oro blanco and other grapefruit varietals. It’s the end of grape and persimmon season so, get them while you can!! And YES! Organic DATES will be back at the market!!


Make sure to look for farmer inspired products including nuts and nut butters, meats, cheeses, olive oil, herbal teas, hot sauces, breads, pastries and pastas.

Look for Olivino Olive oil and Terra Salvia wines returning to the market this Sunday!!


Also back at the market this week, Oyster Creek will have wild foraged mushrooms!


I wanted to remind you that as part of our commitment to a Zero Waste market, we do now have compost bins next to the recycle and trash bins in the food court. Please take the time to read the signs to make sure the you place your items in the designated bins. Volunteers help sort at the end of the market. We would like to make their job easier.


Thank you for your continued support especially in inclement weather!!

Rain or shine our local farmers are dedicated to bringing you the very best!!

Please join our weekly celebration of good clean sustainably produced real food!




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